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This page is created as a help for English reading viewers, since my doll pages only are written in the Danish language. If you want to contact me, it can be done through my Guestbook where you ALSO can write me a private message! Even better - send me a message through FB - my full name is Hanne Skriver Olesen.


.- means The Doll Corner and is the name of my doll site.

My Sindy dolls

+ Tammy, reproductions & Look-a-likes.

My Barbie dolls.

My Tonner dolls

+ an Effanbee as well.

Other Dolls

My other dolls.

Barbie figures

My little collection of small Barbie figures.

Just an introduction to my doll site. Read the English version HERE !!!


New pages and updates are listed here.


Do it yourself (DIY)

Just as the title says, but only in Danish. The sub-categories "Dukker, Foer & Efter" - means "Dolls, Before & After" and are some of the dolls I have fixed up - or are awaiting a transformation!

Wish List

My doll wish list. Told shortly and in English: I'm interested in Pedigree Sindy dolls (not after 1985) and old/antique bisque dolls (without wigs!) in dollhouse size or up to 20-22cm.

For Exchange

Some of the items I have for exchange. I have listed every issue the dolls + accessories may have- but in Danish. In case you are interested in any of these things, I will tell you, if there is any issue with the items you ask about!

Misc. pages

The sub-category "ID-hjaelp soeges" means "ID-help wanted" - can you help?

The other pages named "Dukkeskabet" (doll cabinet" are my doll collection at different periods.

Teddy Bears

My little teddy bear collection.

Many links to great doll pages - and most of them are written in English! :)


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